There is a myth that says selling is an inborn skill that can neither be learned nor taught. You’re either born with it, or you’re not. This misconception could not be farther from the truth.  Sales involve skills that can be taught, learned, unlearned and re-learned.  That is why companies invest on Sales Trainings. In this post I am sharing 10 bullet proof tips to outclass your competitors.


  1. MINDSET: Think yourself as an Advisor and not as a Sales Person.
  2. INTRODUCTIONS:  Substitute cold calling with referrals.  Do your research and visit places, events, forums, LinkedIn to hunt for referrals.
  3. EDUCATION: Learn your products and services.  Learn your customers business and this will inculcate confidence in you.
  4. DEAL WITH DECISION MAKERS: Remember decision makers are easy to sell and you can short cut your sales cycle. 
  5. ASK DIRECT QUESTIONS: Master the art of asking difficult questions.  What is the pressing need to invest? When you want to invest?  What is the budget?   What is your decision making cycle? Who is involved in the decision making cycle?  What are the priority projects before this investment?
  6. ASK, DON’T TALK: Don’t tell but ask;  never put the cart before the horse. Find out the customers pains, concerns and vision before you talk.
  7. VIDEO TESTIMONIALS & PRODUCT INFORMATION: Substitute pages and pages of information with video testimonials and video demonstrations.  Picture is worth a thousand words.
  8. MANAGE THE FOLLOW UP PROCESS: Plan your follow up.  Customers are busy and they have other priorities whereas your business is your priority. Hence keep up the follow up and continue reminding your prospect for his business.
  9. SHOW ENTHUSIASM: Show enthusiasm because that reflects your confidence in your products and services.  People do business with people they like or like to associate.  And people like to associate with people who reflect energy and enthusiasm.
  10. DELIGHT YOUR CUSTOMERS: Deliver and over deliver on your commitments because he will be your next source for referrals.