New and powerful technologies have disrupted purchasing behaviors. The way customers Search, research, educate and finally pay.  “You are not selling but Customers are purchasing”.

Changing customers purchasing behaviors demands new attributes in the sales professionals.    And 10 Invisible  attributes of Social seller are ….

  1. CONNECTING: They are always connecting and making meaningful connections over Social networks. You can have only so many coffees in a day but in a virtual world your reach is  global and with expansive list of professionals at a click
  2. HELPING: They are always giving rather than taking from others. Zig Ziggler said “if you want to succeed in life help enough people succeed”
  3. LISTENING: They are always listening to customers engagements such as what they post, Like, Share or comments on.  “We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.”  Zeno of Citium
  4. RECOGNIZE: They are always congratulating and wishing customers on special occasion and achievements.   They join in others celebrations
  5. REWARDING : They are always giving recommendations and endorsing customers and prospects.
  6. SHARE: They are always sharing meaningful (text/Video) content. They are like the New media house.
  7. TEACHING: They are always writing meaningful blog posts that address  industry challenges.  They are good teacher
  8. Research: They are always researching customer to find a common hook to break the ice. They are Sherlock Holmes of New Century
  9. ENGAGE : They are always engaging  Company pages  of prospective customers and share, engage or comment on the posts
  10. AUTOMATION: Social Sellers are always using arsenal of automated tools such as Hootsuite, paper.le; Buffer, WordPress and others. They achieve more with less.

Social sellers believe that  the best approach to maintain “top of customers mind recall”  is to  engage with above 10 attributes. .  The Question is  “Are you adopting new attributes?”