You are a LinkedIn member now; how do you go about increasing your connections and building strong connections?  Follow simple 10 steps strategy

  • FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Send invites to Friends and Family members.  If they are not on LinkedIn invite them to on- board LinkedIn
  • PROFESSIONAL: Send invites to your professional acquaintances
  • INDUSTRY: Join you industry groups and connect inside your industry Groups.
  • BUSINESS: Increase your connections footprint within your customer organization and potential customer’s organization. Connect high and with MUTE (Management, User, Technology buyers and Economic buyer) in customers organisation.Tribe
  • GLOBAL: Go global; connect across geography and across industry domain.Tribe-2
  • CONNECTION MAGNET: Become connections magnet. Influence members to send you Linked Invites by engaging them.
    1. Like, Share and Comment on their content in the Group.
    2. Curate or Create Content and share in the Group. Share mixed content – 3Es ( Entertaining, Educational and Experience)
    3. Build strong 1st degree connections to leverage 2nd degree connections.
  • TAG: Tag your connections into – Finance, Leadership, Sales & Marketing, C-Level and others. This is important to target members with focused content.
  • ACCEPT INVITES: Define your criteria for accepting invites. Profile should have
    1. A Clear head shot
    2. Clear title and name of the Company
    3. Not less then 25 connections
    4. Share common connection – (Optional)
  • TAG AND MULTI-TAG : Tag and multi-Tag your connections: Your connections can have a Tag of Finance and Influencer;  Sales & marketing and Entrepreneur. Decide your Tag philosophy
  • LION: Connect with LION – LinkedIn Open Networker to grow tons of 2nd degree connections.

networth11Research reveals that people who engage actively on Social Media generate more Customer revenue, Retain more customers and  provide rewarding customer  experience.  And to master Art of neworking,will recommend   book by Porter Gale “Your Network is your Networth”