expoExactly 14 days are left before BIE committee makes a decision on the host city for Expo 2020.  Currently based on the undercurrents and performance, Dubai is at the forefront.   So let’s explore what are the major threats to Dubai Expo 2020. I am sharing “7” universal Threats.

  1. COMPETITION: Currently there are three beautiful cities running for the cup and they could have surprises up their sleeves. Track them.
  2. INSTABILITY: A perceived political uncertainty in the region, hence it’s important that Dubai support regional initiative for stability.
  3. RELATIONSHIP WITH NEIGHBORS: Adverse relationships or rivalry among the Arab countries could play an adverse role.  Hence initiate friendly dialogue with neighbors.
  4. GLOBAL EVENT IN THE REGION:  Any delay or adverse statement towards existing Global events in the region could impact adversely.
  5. HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES: Human rights issues surfacing could play adversely.  Such issues to be dealt promptly and deftly
  6. SCANDAL: Any local and global scandal impacting or involving the host city would have adverse impact.
  7. FEED AND DON’T STARVE MEDIA: Media plays an important role.  Feed them and don’t starve them the positive news and initiatives.


See you at Dubai Expo 2020