Banking The picture is blurred for brick and mortar banking because

  1. Banks are reducing network of branches
  2. ATM’s are being outsourced and becoming a shared resource among the banks.
  3. Funding is being Crowd sourced
  4. Mobile deposit
  5. Mobile banking will be adopted by 60 percent or more of smartphone users by the end of 2014.”   

Banking paradigm is changing.  Winston Churchill once said “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”  The question is are you changing too?   Every banker should create his profile on LinkedIn because… 

  1. Banks are on LinkedIn: Every Fortune 1000 bank has a company page on LinkedIn wherein they share vision, news and industry updates. Check out HSBC (404k Followers) , American Express (224K Followers), Bank of America (432K followers), Emirates NBD (18k Followers).
  2. Communities: There are over 2.1 Million groups and some of the top populated groups are from banking and Finance industry.  Join them and be part of the banking community. Check out Banking Group (14271 members); Finance Plus: Private Equity, Venture Capital and M&A news ( 287k members); Banking connect (67K Members).
  3. Learning:  When you participate in the Group discussion, your learning accelerates many folds. You may also use this forum to invite answers to your pressing problems.  You may also conduct polls to take industry opinion on pressing challenges.  Work towards becoming the top contributor in your group.  Check out activities & profile of Top contributors in Banking Groups.
  4. Profile: Your profile on LinkedIn is no more to get a job but much more.  It is a window to the outside world; what you have achieved and what you intend to achieve.  And people with common goals can join you or help you achieve your goals.
  5. Job:  Once you have your profile on the LinkedIn;  it is a 24×7 engine working to attract  better economic opportunities.  Click on jobs and type in jobs in banking and explore the list of jobs advertised.  Refine your search for specific titles.
  6.  Recruitment: Almost every bank recruits through LinkedIn and taps into passive Cv’s ; (candidates with profiles on LinkedIn not searching for jobs.)   Maintain your profile current by updating it frequently.
  7. Mentoring: You can choose to follow banking leaders and absorb through passive mentoring. Duplicating choices of banking leaders in terms of books they read, groups they join, advice they extend and finally their career progression.  Check out senior title banking profiles on LinkedIn.
  8. Business Development: You are a business development executive in banking (Private, Retail, Corporate or others) responsible for creating new customers and building trust with your existing customers.  LinkedIn provides you the platform to begin with warm call ( Never having to cold call through referral or building relationship on the LinkedIn)
  9. Make strong Connections:  Invite bankers to join LinkedIn and connect with existing bankers on LinkedIn.  And when you have broken digital communication ice; write inmail to your connections “we are connected on the LinkedIn for over ____ period of time and I would like to take 30 minutes of your convenient time to meet, share and exchange ideas – when can we meet.?
  10. Establish Expert Status:  Participate in Group discussions and post your expert comments on company pages.  Share your advice and work on building your expert status.  In real world perception is the reality.  Check  out LinkedIn profile of  Brett King author of Bank 3.0
  11. Be informed: Research says people are two times more likely to share bad news than the good news.  So be the first to receive bad news in your group forums.

Bankers,  LinkedIn is your free tool, you use it to chisel a COLISEUM or mine out COAL  – choice is yours.