Content_VinodContent is the currency of future. In this blog I would share PROVEN TIPS on creating hooks for your content

  1. YOUR NAME: Grab your name and purchase URL. Begin writing blog post and Integrate your Blog with Social Media platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  2. CURATE CONTENT: Subscribe to and enter your keyword/title. Site will  search and generate a newsletter on your keyword/topic.  Share content on your Social Media Platform.
  3. LENGTH: For blog – 500 – 750 words length is acceptable. For LinkedIn 200 – 400 words is enough whereas for Facebook 150 – 200 words post great.
  4. TITLE: Have a catchy titles such “7 – Tips …”;   “3 Reason Sales people Fail”; “Best kept secrets…”.  Title is the first text that catches eye balls and people make snap decision whether to read or not.
  5. TIME: Post at appropriate time. Early morning or later afternoon for LinkedIn when users are in the office whereas for Facebook Post early morning or later evening when users are at home.
  6. LIFE: Life of content on Social Media is short hence post and repost.
  7. KEYWORDS: Sprinkle your post with keywords. Keywords lets you be found?
  8. LINKS: Insert credible third party link in your post.
  9. COMMENTS: When you post link to Social Media platform add your comments in the visible column to create interest.
  10. CTA: Include Call To Action in your post.
  11. HASHTAG: Hashtag is a keyword with a hyperlink. Include Hashtag at the end of the post, it allows your content to be found at later date.

Content is king and more hooks you include in your content, more views you will capture.