SteveYouTube is a University in itself; provided you choose the right content to prepare else it is a quagmire filled with good, bad and ugly.  Having said that I realized the power of YouTube after watching my daughter and son downloading tutorials to supplement the school curriculum.

Now I am addicted to YouTube where you can find discussions on every topic uploaded by the best Universities;  Virtuoso and beginners.   Last weekend I downloaded a clipping of Guy Kiyosaki tilted “12 lessons I learned from Steve Jobs”.    It was pleasure to comprehend the 12 lessons, few of them were routine and others not so routine that challenges the standard norm; but these are the lessons from Steve jobs.

Lessons number 1 says Experts are clueless, do not listen to them and subsequent lesson says customers cannot tell you what they need?  Quite conflicting but they vibrate the thinking cord and it pays to think different even if it challenges normal wisdom and your thinking as well.  On the flip side some of the lessons are topped up with wisdom and Steve Jobs successfully deployed their efficacy.  He was the best presenter. Please enjoy watching the “12 lessons from Steve Jobs”

  1. Experts are clueless because they are disconnected from the customers.  Hence do not listen to the experts.
  2. Customers cannot tell you what they need.
  3. Biggest challenges beget the best work .
  4. Design counts.
  5. In PPT put big graphics big fonts.
  6. Jump the curve; don’t think 10% improvement think 100% improvements.
  7. If it works or doesn’t work, that’s all that matters.
  8. Value is more appealing than the price.
  9. A Players hire A+ workers.
  10. Real CEO can Demo.
  11. Real Entrepreneurship is don’t ship crappy products.
  12. Something is seen to be believed, you must believe in your product.