Prospect is not a prospect unless you have effectively qualified it and this is an integral part of the sales process. To arrive at an effective prospect qualifications you must find answers to the following questions ?

  1. Has prospect identifed  the project?
  2. Is budget allocated?
  3. Do you know the compelling reason that will motivate the prospect to purchase?
  4. Has prospect given you the compelling reason for purchase?
  5. Have you identified all influencers?
  6. What roles do they play?
  7. Have you won this type of business before?
  8. Can you win this business?
  9. What’s your source of information?
  10. Are there any competing projects?
  11. Do you fully understand the buyers need?
  12. Can you meet them competitively?

And once you have answers to the above questions you can forecast accurately.  Make it a habit to run this qualification list past your every prospect and sooner you will have RESULTS ON TIME EVERY TIME.


Source: Select Selling