I recall first Carrefour Hyper Market coming up in Deira Dubai and instantly it became popular for Dubai population jaunts.  Sooner other hypermarkets with 10+ checkouts mushroomed across the Emirates.  

To sustain large infrastructure requires large footfall and if you closely observe Carrefour;  you will realize it’s not a potluck but a science in Sales and Marketing.  

  1. Carrefour hypermarket is a pivotal part of commercial zone wherein customer convenience is given the prime importance with large ground level parking.
  2. The locations are carefully chosen that are adjacent to the CROSSROADS for convenient reachability. Observe Deira City Center, Sharjah City Center, Mirdiff, and others.


Now let’s backtrack to the right goal for this post.  I have decided to share the silent marketing nudges that we experience when visiting Hype Market.  These nudges are important tactics to increase and capitalize on the footfall in the HyperMarket.  Marketer uses various tactics and am sharing few of them below

  1. CONVENIENCE: Hyper Market gives us the feeling of an experience wherein we are able to exercise our purchases (Right from fresh vegetables, to sea food, clothes and electronics) under a single roof in a bright, clean and friendly environment. 
  2. PACKAGING:  Once you are in the hyper market; packaging and loyalty cards play an important role to increase our wallet of spend.
    1. FAMILY PACK: Pack of 6 soaps wherein 1 soap is free.  Primarily positioned as a money saving offer or to encourage bulk purchase.  This ties you up with the brand.
    2. BUNDLING:  A New brand of Perfume free with pack of 6 soap.  A tactic used to introduce new items.  It is widely used when launching new juices.  A new flavour at half price with existing flavour.  Or two new packs of juices at the price of one.
    3. MONDAY SPECIAL OFFERS: Few products are priced at special price on a specific day.  Spinneys uses Monday special price hook and distributes the pamphlets around the residential blocks.  This is to increase the footfall and subsequently attract new customers for bargain items.
    4. PACK OF FRESHLY CUT PIECES OF FRUITS:  Packed freshly cut fruits displayed on freezer shelves targeting health conscious consumers.  This is a nice tactic to move large size fruits such as melons.
    5. PACK OF FRESHLY CUT RAW VEGETABLESTargeting the bachelors and working couples.  The content mix is decided based on the demographics and psychographics of local population.
    6. COOKED FOOD: Targeted towards working couples, professionals.  This is targeted during the lunch time creating competition for restaurants.
    7. LOYALTY CARDS: Cards extending purchase points for every $ spent.  This is to  increase customer loyalty.
    8. HOME DELIVERY: This is for the convenience of consumers planning to avoid rush hours traffic and crowd in the supermarket.  Working workforce is increasingly opting for online purchasing just when they reach home or on the way home.
    9. TASTE : Food products companies put up stalls in the Super markets to offer free taste of their products during weekends such as new honey, new cheese or dry fruits and others.  This mitigates the risk of purchasing new and if consumers like the taste he purchases the new product.
    10. PRODUCT WITH A CONVENIENCE ACCESSORY:  In the recent past I had two water bottling companies visit and offer water bottles at special price with an inducement for free water dispenser.  The catch was I must purchase a booklet of 7 coupons at a special price wherein water dispenser comes free.  This bulk purchase of coupons again binds you to a brand.
    11. ADVERTISEMENT BOOKLET OFFERING GOODS ON SPECIAL PRICES FOR FEW DAYS.  Booklets are distributed in the residential areas and aimed at attracting old and new footfall.  The booklets has products on special prices for certain days only; cutting across fresh farm products, toiletries and others.
    12. LOYALTY CARDS: You swipe in loyalty card when making a purchase and the bonus purchase points are added to your wallet redeemable later.  So the more you visit and purchase the more points you accumulate.
    13. WALMART STYLE: Loose items collected in a basket located at a convenient location in the hyper market.  Targeted towards cost conscious consumers.
    14. IKEA STYLE:  Flat packed furniture in the Hyper market to save space and money.  Targeted towards cost conscious consumer looking for quality and stylish furniture.

The list is long and creativity is abundant.  Hyper Market uses many such tactics to increase sales volume.  These tactics are popular in FMCG but it can also be applied in other industry segment.    Now the questions is  “what tactic attracts your attention and motivates you to spend more?”