1. JOB HUNTING: Apply for jobs advertised on LinkedIn.
  1. HIRE CANDIDATES: Search and research members profile and hire right candidates.
  1. PROFESSIONAL NETWORK: LinkedIn has over 430 Million members. Network and grow your network. Your Network is Your Net-worth.
  1. SOCIAL SELLING PLATFORM: LinkedIn has over 430 million professional members . Use LinkedIn to build strong relations and sell your products and services. Subscribe to Sales Navigator available under Tab Business Services as Sales Solution. Measure  your progress by tracking LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index)
  1. NEWSLETTER: LinkedIn is like your Newsletter wherein you Publish to share your blog post.
  1. SOCIAL JOURNALISM: Its like your Local Daily wherein you share current news or write about new happenings in your geography. Engage your connections contents
  1. BROADCAST EVENTS: Broadcast your events, seminars or training workshop  on Time line or in the blog post.
  1. SLIDESHARE: Archive your Power Point presentation on Slideshare. This is your common repository. Also study others PPT on your subject of interest. SLIDESHARE TAB IS AVAILABLE UNDER INTEREST.
  1. RESEARCH PLATFORM: Research individual and companies on LinkedIn
  1. MENTORING PLATFORM: Mentor ( By responding to questions and giving feedback on members profile) and be mentored (by studying experts profiles and their career journey) on LinkedIn – virtually.
  1. DRIVE TRAFFIC TO COMPANY WEBSITE: Build LinkedIn company page and drive traffic to your company website.
  1. DIGITAL REPUTATION (Branding) : Your LinkedIn profile is your Digital reputation. Build rock solid profile and tell members how you help them.
  1. COLLECTIVE WISDOM: Leverage collective wisdom of 430 million members by Asking questions and solution to your problems.
  1. REFERRAL ENGINE: LinkedIn is a referral engine. Request referral and give referrals. the more you give the more you will get ( Law of Reciprocity – Boomerang)
  1. ROLODEX: LinkedIn is your private Rolodex.
  1. RECOGNITION PLATFORM: Recognize achievement of your connections by congratulating them on promotions, when they are mentioned in media.
  1. FELICITATION PLATFORM: wish your connections on Birthdays, work anniversaries and build strong relationships.
  1. SALES FUNNEL: Leverage LinkedIn to request appointments for business meeting and build your Sales funnel.
  1. EXPERT STATUS: Publish blog posts on your “line of business” and gain expert status.
  1. TRENDS PLATFORM : Note and discover trending news, technology or activity by following what everyone is talking about, sharing or publishing.
  1. EDUCATION PLATFORM: Get education by subscribing to Lynda.com or following influencers’ blog posts. USE LEARNING TAB UNDER INTEREST
  1. CAREER PLANNING: Plan your career by researching profiles of high profile individuals in your domain.
  1. COMMUNITY: Build community of members of common interest – LinkedIn Groups. Groups Tab is available under Interest Tab
  1. RESEARCH UNIVERSITIES: USING ALUMNI TAB UNDER NETWORK. Explore members experience or placements of University student. Also find and connect with Alumni.
  1. COMMUNICATION ENGINE: Use Inmail feature to communicate direct with your connections.
  1. MARKET SEGMENTATION: Use LinkedIn to segment your market. Bring laser sharp focus who you want to target by using Advanced search and building your Prospect list.
  1. Lead Generation Platform: Use LinkedIn Advertising Tab under Accounts & Setting Tab to kick start lead generation engine. Its a paid service.