Every year 4 Million millennials join the workforce.

  1. By 2020 – 50% of the global workforce would be millennials and by 2025 – 75% of the global workforce would be millennials.  Millennials are Digital Natives, Mobile 24×7 and their purchasing preferences are shaped online.
  2. Jan. 31, 2016 Address Hotel in Dubai caught fire and the next minute I get a call from Delhi – “How bad is it?” 
  3. My Friend in  Delhi wanted a camera and he rings me up in Dubai and requests if  I can pick up the camera from  www.Dubizzle.com site and bring it along.

People behaviors are changing; work ethics, news consumption and purchasing preference.  Are you changing too?

Are you practicing Social Selling?  If you have not begun you would be soon relegated to relics and if you are practicing Social Selling – measure your SSI index.  LinkedIn has created a Social Selling Index which measures your Social Selling paradigm adoption.  Social Selling Index comprises activities that are compartmentalized in four pillars and every pillar score is 25. The sum total of four pillars score is a measure of your Social Selling Index.


LinkedIn research says telecommunication and software industry has the highest SSI @ 32.6 followed by  Professional services @ 26.1; Government/Education/Non-profits @ 21.3.  Whereas the region’s most likely to uses Social Selling is North America @ 24.6 followed by Australia/New Zealand @ 24 and Europe and Middle East @ 22.5.  Now let’s explore the four pillars of Social Selling Index …..


  • Complete your LinkedIn profile 100% with background image, headshot and summary. Your profile completeness is pictorially reflected on right side of your profile under PROFILE STRENGTH.
  • Speak the language of your customer in the Summary.
  • Add rich media (Slideshare and YouTube) in your summary and Experience.
  • Add key skills and request recommendations from your seniors and key customers.
  • MESSAGE: 100% complete profile with customer language reflects your ON-LINE

FIND THE RIGHT PEOPLE (25 Score) : Connections

  • Identify right people (Customers/Prospects) and find commonality with them.
  • Shortlist companies to follow.
  • Identify 8 -10 people in your target companies (customers/Prospects) at decision and influence levels
  • Check out who viewed your profile
  • Check out who shares, Likes and Comments on your posts.
  • MESSAGE: Your network is the people, who want to help you, and you want to help them, and that’s really powerful. Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn Founder

ENGAGE WITH INSIGHTS (25 Score) : Content

  • Join Groups ( Industry and Customers)
  • Post content that projects you as a trusted source of industry insight.
  • Your content should be a mix of industry and how to nature?
  • Engage with your connections with Like, Share and Commenting on their post.
  • MESSAGE: Engagement creates visibility and visibility creates OPPORTUNITIES – Vinod Mehra

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS (25 Score) : Engagement

  • Connect with your network and your prospects leveraging your 2nd degree connections.
  • always send out personalized invitations including why.
  • Connect with your Colleagues so you can request referrals
  • Keep in Touch: Wish your connections on birthdays, congratulate them on job change or promotions.
  • Listen for shout of help and help them.
  • MESSAGE: “Tribes don’t have to be very big to be effective. If you have 1,000 true fans, 1,000 people who will drive across the country to see you perform, 1,000 people who will tell their friends, that is enough to make an impact.” – Seth Godin

My message is track your SSI (Social Selling Index) and work on your engagements to be among the top 10% in your industry for Social Selling adoption.