Many years ago someone introduced me to the Stephen Covey four quadrant concept and asked where does your activities stand.  And acting wise and from the heart I choose Quadrant 1 – important and urgent quadrant reflecting an unplanned life style devoid of prioritization.  And I believe many of us sales professional’s activities are encompassed in this quadrant.

Steven Covey’s 4 Quadrant concept is a profound tool that can be easily adopted and absorbed provided you religiously follow it for the next 21 days.  Putting a little perspective the four productivity quadrant concept focus on prioritizing your tasks and bringing balance into your life.  Would not you like to attract balance in life, become stress free, have more time for important things in your life?  ………. Having said that let me further elaborate what activities could be classified under the various quadrants for the sales professionals

Urgent and important (Quadrant 1)
:  Attend to an urgent unplanned sales meeting, last minutes preparation for meetings and proposal deadline.  Are you planning to request for an extension of time to submit the RFP?

Not Urgent and Important (Quadrant 2): Making a daily 10 minutes appointment with yourself to plan your day; call on 10 important customers; call on 10 prospects; close business, update the CRM and spend 10 minutes to pan for the next day.  The more time you spend in 2nd quadrant the less time you spend in Quadrant 1

Urgent and not important (quadrant 3): Attend to the call and emails as they pop up, attending to uninvited interruption and requests by colleagues,  checking your PCs every minutes and responding to emails no sooner they knock your PCs.

Not Urgent and not important (Quadrant 4): taking frequent coffee & smoke breaks in between the work; printing copies of net material, checking your social media as frequent as growth of Facebook membership.

The questions is not whether you want to change or not. The questions is whether you want to take action.   Because the positive outcome happens when you take action to focus on Important and not urgent activities and others fall into place.  Simple but profound mantra that activates your sales and dollar value.

Enjoy reading.