When do you make a sale?

During the 2008, 2009, 2010 period businesses held on to their capital expenses. The market volatility changed the paradigm.  Businesses were skeptic on the outcome for the future.  What if they needed more cash that which banks would not lend them?   What if the projected investment did not provide the projected ROI?   So they concluded it was better to sit on decisions and delay them up until finer times appeared on the horizon.

Such scenarios become a challenge for sales professionals since they are expected to bring in business and keep the cash register ringing. Now the question is, what do you do?

I believe, that in order to have a healthy and maturing business pipeline it’s important that you identify the businesses pain points right at the starting mark…..  “Identify  businesses   who – without your products & services – are in that pain. They are your prospects” ….……

–   Losing customers?

–   Losing its reputations?

–   Losing its business to competition?

–   Losing market share?

–   Loosing share holders value?

–  Is a new employee joining and will they be idle without your sale?

–    Are customer profits declining  ?

If you can match any such pain point that your solution resolves, then you have made the sale.  Else the prospects response would be…. next week, next month, next year or not a budgeted expanse.

Enjoy reading……..