Networking is not an art but a simple rule of mathematics and statistics.  And once you have done that thereafter it evolves as an art.  Let me share four quadrants of making connections and if you adopt them mathematically, statistically you will hit the jackpot. The objective of this exercise is to increase the QUANTITY and QUALITY of your connections extending you a larger 1st degree and 2nd degree visibility. But before anything invest in the ticket and the tickets are 

  1. Connect HIGH:  No sooner you meet a C level executive or a business professional send him or her a LinkedIn invite.  Do it at the earliest because it takes time for a connection to begin serious engagement and paying back.
  2. Connect MORE: Identify 10 people a month with large connections base and connect with them thus increasing your 2nd degree connections.
  3. Connect POWER: Identify the movers and shakers in your industry and identify ways to connect with them.  Bring your talent visibility to the movers and shakers in your industry.
  4. Connect DIFFERENCE:  Select two industries that are not your professional industries and connect within that industry.  If you are in sales of IT,  connect with people in the Hospitality industry;  connect with people from finance industry.  The objective is cross pollination of ideas followed by increasing your connection stregnth.

Hence begin the race now Connect HIGH, Connect MORE, Connect POWER and Connect DIFFERENT

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