Success has a DNA and only when you replicate the DNA; your success is assured.  I am sharing “5” practical success rituals that have changed lives and will change your life too; provided you imbibe them.

  1. Spot the positive:  Every morning when you unfold the newspaper; Set target to spot positive and uplifting words, headings and news.  When you are driving; make a habit of spotting the positive messages on the hoardings, vehicles or around the roadsEffectively train your eyes and brain to spot positive, energy and uplifting messages.  Practice it for the next 21 days and it will become a habit reflecting a big change in your lifestyle.  This is the happiness formula and happy people do more and achieve more.
  2. Recognize: Write one email a day praising or thanking someone in your life. Make this a part of your life and soon people around you will notice the positive difference in you and around you.  They will flock around to fill their emotional bucket.
  3. Delegate:  Create three columns on a clean sheet of paper. In the first column, list down the activities that you want to accomplish during the day and during the week. In the second column list down the names of the people that you can delegate the job or help you accomplish the task.  And in the 3rd column list down the time line to complement the job.  The objective of the list is to delegate and request help for your list of THINGS TO DO list. The list could include outsourcing others brain for ideas, creativity and problem resolution.  Once you master the art of delegation; you will realize that you are getting your jobs done faster and better.  The serious thing about this activity is that the others may complement the activity but getting the job to completion is your responsibility.
  4. Un-Clutter:  Many a time we find too many activities on our plate and I call this clutter.  Zero on to one area in your life or place that needs cleaning.  Focus your time and energy on that area and do not jump on to the next area till you have cleaned the cluttered area.
  5. Dream Book: Purchase an A3 size craft book.   Divide the book into Family, Money, Knowledge, Health and Friends.  Cut out pictures from newspaper, magazine and stick them into your craft book reflecting your DREAMS.  If you dream of owing a YACHT, paste a picture of a yacht and specify the time frame within which you want to own the YACHT.  If you want a million dollars in your bank account, stick picture of million dollars and specify the time frame within which you want to have a million dollars in your account.  Similarly stick pictures of your DREAMS in your craft book along with the frame of time you want to achieve it in.  Celebrate every step you are nearer to your DREAM and read your dream book every day.

If you practice the “5” rituals for the next “21” days they will become your habit.  And you will see a big difference in you, around you and impact lives of other people. If you believe the list is lengthy, just focus on one activity and create a difference in your life and the lives of people around you.