Words impact your circle of friends and words impact your journey of life.  Positive words impact positive and negative words impact negative.  MY SUPER TIP FOR THE DAYS is “early morning sit in a quiet place close your eyes and visualize as many positive words starting from A to Z.”  And realize the difference in your mindset in next 3 – 4 weeks times.  Because what you focus on becomes your reality.  I am sharing ABC of  positive words – use them or lose them.

  1. A: Amazing; Awesome; Affection
  2. B: Brilliant; Bravo; Beautiful; Bright; Big; Belief
  3. C: Creative; Curious; Charming; Choices; Challenging
  4. D: Decision; Discipline; Diamond; Daring; Dream; Divine; Dedicate; Determination.
  5. E: Exciting; Excellent; Exuberance; Encouraging; Exercise; Entertain
  6. F: Fun; Fantastic; Fabulous; Freedom; Fragrance
  7. G: Goal; Gorgeous; Grandeur; gift
  8. H: Humour; Handsome; Heights; Hope; Humble
  9. I: Inspire; Intellectual
  10. J: Joy; Josh
  11. K: Kind; Knowledge; King
  12. L: Love; Live; Leader; Lead; Laughter; Learning
  13. M: Mission; Motivate; Money; Marvelous; Miracle
  14. N: Nice; Ninja
  15. O: Ostentatious; Oscar; Overjoy; Optimist
  16. P: Passion; Prosperity; Prince; Princess; Present; Perfume; Peaceful
  17. Q: Queen; Quest
  18. R: Romance; Ravishing; Reward
  19. S: Supreme; Super; Sensational; Sunny; Sweet; Stalwart
  20. T: Team; Tough; Terrific; Taste
  21. U: Uber; Unique
  22. V: Victory; Vision;
  23. W: Wise; Wonderful; Wisdom
  24. X:
  25. Y: Young; Youth
  26. Z: Zeal; Zest