1. BE PROACTIVE: Social Sellers are farmers. They believe customer building is like sowing seeds in summer and harvesting in winter.
    • He studies customer business.
    • He nurtures relationships and expands his influence.
    • He works converting a customer from good to great ( Upsell and Cross Sell)
  2. BEGIN WITH AN END IN MIND: They have a clear vision of the goal. They craft their SOCIAL SELLING process and how they will complete their Social Selling Journey? 
  3. FIRST THING FIRST: They priorities the steps avoiding possibility of putting the cart before the horse.  Steps include …  
    • Create self-profile that can be easily searched.
    • Connect and Grow network
    • Compile list of customers
    • Enable better targeting with meaningful conversation
    • Build meaningful strong relationships through sharing relevant content that helps customer make informed decisions.
    • Engage and Conversion.
  4. THINK WIN-WIN: Social sellers believe in Win- win and not Lose-win or Win- Lose neither lose-lose. They are authentic and realize that customers have VOICES and CHOICES.  They focus on life time value of the customers and not in transactional value.
  5. FIRST SEEK TO UNDERSTAND AND THEN BE UNDERSTOOD: They realize business is people. They also realize that knowing your customer before you walk in is part of winning sale. 
  • How do they buy?
  • Who are the buying influences?
  • Hence they research who are they?
  • What adds value to their business?
  • What is their buying cycle?  
  • What is their pain?
  • They seek to research their customers by reading customer profile, his connections, his business and then listening for help or buying
  • They use automated digital tools for listening and posting content

6.   SYNERGIES: Social Seller believes that selling and buying is a team sport.

  • They realize that it takes on an average 5.4 touch points in customer organization to close sale.
  • They ask for referrals and give referrals
  • They research members who can partner with them to leverage sale; members who share common set of prospects but are in different business. ( Joint Venture) They synergies their efforts to close more with less.

7.   SHARPEN YOUR SAW: They set aside regular time for self-education so that they can educate their customers.  They update their knowledge; learn from their peers and members in the network.