PublisHLinkedIn rolled out “Publish a Post” to members in installments over a period of time.  Now I believe every member has “Publish a Post” feature and an opportunity to share thoughts.

This is a powerful feature because when you hit publish;  all 1st degree connections are alerted that you have published a post.   LinkedIn members are creative and this feature is used in different flavours.  Let’s observe and analyze “Publish a Post”

  1. ORIGINAL: This is standard publishing of the post on a Topic wherein content ratio is  either 100% original or 80/20 (Original/Curated).  It’s a wonderful gift for members who want to avoid maintaining Blogging platform such as  WordPress, Tumbler, BlogSpot and so on. Hassle free,  simply type as you would do in MS word and hit publish.
  2. MIX AND MATCH : This is trending publishing formula wherein content is curated and final output i.e Post is a mix and match of various sources for text, picture and videos.
  3. EVENT PROMOTION: Members post content for promoting an Event, Group, and Forum. Hence this post is simply an invitation for an upcoming event.
  4. JOB VACANCY: Members Post jobs vacancy.
  5. BOOK PROMOTION: Members post content to promote their book and publish a chapter at a time.
  6. BLOG PROMOTION: Members add Link to their blog and write “Visit my Blog or This post appears in my blog”  This is to drive traffic to your blog or web site.
  7. SELF PROMOTION: The foot note of post carries USP of the writer, link to his profile or a promotion of a book, Event or workshop.

Please add your comment on how else you use “Publish a Post’ or other innovative ideas members use “Publish and Post”