I admire the BNI networking events on three counts.

  1. They meet early morning before anyone starts the work. Hence the participants are charged up and come out with a clear script to push forward agreed agenda.
  2. They have a very clear objective and the meetings are time bound.
  3. The group membership minimize the duplication of professional interest thus increasing the business potential by a value of number of members in the group.

That’s one part of the game but as a new person in the game how should an individual prepare for the network events.  Let me share “7” tips that may augment the positive outcome.

  1. Objective: Have a clear objective and goals what you want to achieve from the event.  Challenge yourself to script down the objective and challenge yourself to stretch your goals.
  2. Set a meeting target: Set a target how many target people you want to meet. Let’s assume you want to meet three people from Hospitality industry.  You want to meet five people from the purchasing department.
  3. Set financial goals: It may sound absurd and early but set your financial goals for the meeting.  You want to meet people who can give you or refer you to USD 100K business in the next 90 days.
  4. Prepare your questions: Have a list of questions you want to ask or you could ask the attendees. And this could be business or profession related or could be of social chit chat nature.
  5. Set the time: Set the time you want to invest in the event and then get out.  Also set the milestone for every connect you make and measure it.
  6. Follow through: The rule of thumb is make a connect in the event and follow through with a phone call and or a meeting the next day or two.
  7. Have fun: Networking events are not a serious stuff, enjoy and have fun because when you have fun people will be attracted to you and you will network more successfully and profitably.

Now these tips are applicable to Network events; Business events, Seminars or any events where people gather to share.  Enjoy; have fun and Happy Networking.