Year 2012 LinkedIn paid USD 119 Million to acquire SlideShare.  SlideShare is a Wikipedia of business presentations with over 40 categories and over 18 Million uploads.   It’s among the 100 most visited sites in the world.   Having said that miniscule number of LinkedIn members leverage Slideshare.  Let me share 7 points how SlideShare can help LinkedIn members build an online reputation.

  1. ARCHIVE: Store your business presentation on Slideshare for future reference.
  2. PROFILE LINK: Provide a link on your LinkedIn profile for meaningful SlideShare
  3. CURATE: Explore wealth of presentations to complement your business presentations.
  4. RESEARCH: Use Slideshare to research almost any business topic.
  5. CLIP IMAGES: Clip out Slideshare presentations to create post on your time line or images in your blog post.
  6. TRENDS: Keep up with your industry by following the SlideShare authors that publish meaningful content.
  7. DRIVE TRAFFIC: Drive traffic from your slideware presentation to your LinkedIn Profile.
  8. LEADS: Capture business leads from the presentation stored on Slideshare