The seduction of Mount Everest has long been known to travelers, climbers and adventurers alike. Journey of Climbing mount Everest is no different than journey of your life.  Because learning never stops in the two.  When learning stops it reflects either of the two.  You are stuck err stagnant & stinking or you are dead.  This may read daunting but it is the reality.

When climbing Mount Everest, you start your journey at Base Camp.  Including the base camp and the summit there are around “6” touch points starting from Everest Base Camp to Summit @ 8,848 meters.  This experience of climbing is similar to 4 stages of our life as defined by Hindu society such as   Brahmachari (student);  Grihasta (Householder);  Vanaprasta (forest dweller or Hermit in semi retirement) and Sannyasi (the renounced one in full retirement). At every stage you learn different skills sets to move over to the next stage.   Likewise you must learn different skill sets when climbing Mount Everest.  At the base camp you are in the company of larger group and learn to acclimatizes, as you move higher you require physical fitness followed by mental fitness and finally the spiritual fitness when you are reaching the summit.  The different skills sets are part of learning and unlearning and if you hold, it reflects either you are stagnant or dead.   Another important thing is that of all the people that head to climb Everest, it seems that around 20-30% of them make the summit.

Do you see the similarity of climbing Mount Everest with your life journey?  People who want to reach the summit must be learner.  Make continuous learning part of your life and reach your summit at 8,848 meters.

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