PicturePassport, Driving license or Emirates id without your photo (your head shot)  is a piece of worthless paper.  Similarly LinkedIn profile without a Photo…… immediately raises concerns on your profile authenticity.   So avoidhara-kiri and put in a Smart photo to your LinkedIn Profile.

Your profile photo is the first field viewers’ check-in and makes a snap decision if he should  explore your profile. Hence it’s important you catch the viewers’ attention with rock solid Profile photo.   In this blog post I will share pointersgarnered from my experience and education from other profiles.

  1. PROFESSION: Dress and look professional that reflects your industry image. Sales or a banker – wear a suit and a tie.  Chef – you can wear your chef suit and the hat.
  2. PHOTO: Your photo is YOUR photo and not your photo with your pet, car or a celebrity.
  3. DRESS: Suite and a tie is the best attire. Preferably wear a dark suite and a blue tie with a solid background.
  4. SMILE: When shooting; smile or practice shots saying words ending with AH – Pizza, Mocha, Yoga.
  5. POSTURE: Maintain tall, drawn upward posture – it says a lot and paints confidence on your face.
  6. LIGHT: Shoot in the natural light or have a professional photographer shoot in a professional studio mimicking natural light.
  7. ASYMMETRICAL SHOT: Have a head shot that is asymmetrical (A little side angle shot). Research says asymmetrical shots appear more humane.

People have short attention span of 8 – 9 seconds probably shorter than a gold fish memory.  So ensure your profile photo is THE HOOK for the viewers to spend time on your profile.