Linkedin.1Paramount released the movie “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” directed by  Brian De Palma and main characters included  Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle Béart.  The movie series was watched across the globe by a wide audience grossing over USD 2 Billion.    If I take an analogy – Paramount is like the LinkedIn, Movie Director is like the LinkedIn Group Manager who decides what gets published, when and where.  The PARTICIPANTS who engage in Questions and Answers in LinkedIn Group are like the Actors whereas members non participants in  Q&A are like the audience who come to watch the movie.

 The buck stops here and now I would share ABC Strategy of joining LinkedIn Group and no analogies.

  1. You can join up to 50 groups at any given time.
  2. If you don’t find value in a group you can leave the group and join other groups maintaining limit of 50 Groups.
  3. Strategy: Five Strategies
    1. Your recommended LinkedIn Group Strategy should be (50:4:1) i.e. join 50 groups, participate in Q&A in 4 groups and set up 1 Group.
    2. Your second Group strategy should be to learn, engage in professional discussions hence Join a group that reflects your professional domain.  If you are in IT sales, join sales group, Business development group, IT Sales Group, Sales strategy group.
    3. Your third strategy should be to join group that may not reflect your professional interest.  These groups may have large number of members wherein your objective is to connect with them.  You can send direct invite to 2nd degree connections if they are part of your group.
    4. Group Visibility: Your forth Strategy would be hide visibility of non-relevant groups from your profile.  Show visibility of 10 – 15 Groups on your profile.
    5. Group Engagement:  Fifth Strategy: In the group ask questions.  Share, Like and comment on others Q & A.  Express your opinion on a Topic.  Conduct Polls and share the result.
    6. Read the group profile and evaluate; is it in line with your strategies?
    7. Study and follow Top contributors in the group.  Study their profile and their Q & A input.
    8. Chose top performers in the group, pick up the learning and model your engagement around it.  Learn from the top performers to connect and contribute more.
    9. And if you happen to receive a USD 50.00 free voucher to spend on LinkedIn.  Use it to promote your group through LinkedIn advertisement.

 Happy LinkedIn journey