Objec.2We are standardized on HP Systems and will not look for other brands.  Next month Mr. Prospect purchases 20 Dell systems.  And when I go back and question him on Dell purchase, prompt comes the response; “oh!  This was a special project and Dell offered us a very good DEAL.”

I request “please consider my brand for your next purchase for special project.”   And he remarks  “we are exhausted with our budget this year and no more purchases.”

Does this sound familiar; my prospect was blatantly saying I am not purchasing from you.  But do we translate the language and find ways to flip his mindset to “I will purchase from you”

Let me share some of the common OBJECTIONS we hear from our prospects and customers as well.

  1. Leave your business card and/or proposal and we will call you.
  2. We will let you know.
  3. We are over our budget this year.
  4. We are satisfied with our existing supplier.
  5. My secretary will get back to you.
  6. Your prices are too high.
  7. We are not so sure about your company.
  8. We are still evaluating proposals.
  9. We are waiting for two more proposals.
  10. The decision is on hold for some time.
  11. I have given my recommendation to the board.
  12. I am awaiting decision from the MD.
  13. I have to run this through my boss.
  14. The committee will take a decision.
  15. We have other priority projects
  16. I will think about it.
  17. Committee rejected your proposal; it was incomplete, T&Cs were not clear, product did not meet specifications, your referrals were not good and so on.
  18. We just wanted an estimate.

The list is endless but my question is how often we prepare ourselves for such objections?  Because  “Selling begins when customers says NO

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