For many centuries people believed that Sun revolved around the Earth.  But in 1543 Nicolas Copernicus shattered the belief when he published papers that it’s the Earth that moves round the Sun.  For many years people have believed and still believe that HAPPINESS follows SUCCESS; but research proves otherwise and says that SUCCESS is the shadow of HAPPINESS.  If you are HAPPY, SUCCESS will find you.

If you are happy dopamine and serotonin are released in your brain that not only makes you feel good and positive but also triggers your learning center.  This helps you learn new things faster and store it longer.  Research says that happy emotional state lets you capture more information;  visual, auditory or otherwise and store it for longer period.

Another research tracked success and happiness of nuns through their gratitude notes written before 1917 in their twenties.  And found that sisters who were happy in their early years lived 10 years longer. Research also proves that happy people are less likely to take sick leave, they are more productive and creative.  Happiness does not take much, in a controlled environment even a small candy given to kids made them perform better in maths test.  (Candy was not consumed). Work made fun gets done; Fortune 500 companies understand the Happiness advantage adds to the company BOTTOM-LINE.   And hence they employ activities to keep their employee happy and engaged.

The good thing is you don’t require large financial or time investment to be happy.  Rather simple change can make you HAPPY.  And these simple changes can be practiced anywhere any time.

1.            Smile it improves your face value.

2.            Practice laughing and laughter Yoga early morning for 3 – 5 minutes

3.            Fake and practice being happy

4.            Find and be among happy people.  Research says it will rub on you and will change your outlook in just 2- 3 minutes

5.            Watch comedy movies

6.            Watch & join standup comedy workshop

7.            Read jokes and practice telling them at least one joke a day

8.            Look for humour in others & why people laugh

9.            Stick smiley happy pictures around where you can see them often

10.         Pray

11.         Meditate

12.         Write your daily gratitude book

13.         Read uplifting book

14.         Learn a new hobby

15.         Exercise

16           Help Others


 Be Happy and Be Successful.