Frank Bettger was born in 1888.  His father died early leaving 5 siblings, 3 of whom died in epidemic. Early in his life Frank Bettger failed miserably but he catapulted to success. He was so successful that he raised his income by 700% and could have retired at the age of 40.   He was persuaded by Dale Carnegie to write “How I raised myself from failure to success in Selling.”  His other best seller was “How I multiplied my income and Happiness in selling”   He died in 1981.

Frank Bettger applied the following sales principle to become a phenomenal success.

  1. Create ENTHUSISAM – fake it till you make it.  This is THE game changer.
  2. Best sales people DO NOT SELL they find out what the other person wants, and then help them find the best way to get it.
  3. When selling talk mostly in terms of  “YOU”  and “YOUR.”   This lets the other person realize that you are thinking of their interest.
  4. Forget witty conversation – be a GOOD LISTENER.
  5. Invest in increasing YOUR KNOWLEDGE of your own industry.
  6. When in contacts with clients, PRAISE YOUR COMPETITORS.  It shows clients you are even-handed and won’t hide anything from them.
  7. Use WITNESS (i.e. satisfied clients) to sell your products to new customers.  Then you can say, “don’t listen to me listen to them.”
  8. Use MAGIC QUESTION to keep yourself in the presence of potential client.  Ask them “How did you happen to get into this business?”  The history of the person is always of paramount importance to them.
  9. PREPARE for an audience of one as you would an audience of a hundred.
  10. Be like Abraham Lincoln with his famous two minute Gettysburg Address. Become a master of BREVITY
  11. When you greet someone say their NAME
  12. For 30 days, SMILE frequently and watch it transform your life.
  13. DON’T EVER ENGAGE another person in an argument.  Instead, ask questions whose answers are likely to bring round to your viewpoint.