VoiceBody language experts remark that our communication is 55 % body language, 38% is tonal and only 7% is words.   In Sales profession sum total of YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION is your communication wherein many sales are LOST due to poor voice which sometime is high and sometime thin.  Hence it makes business sense to improve your power on how you deliver your words. I am sharing “7” POWERFUL TIPS to enhance and exercise your Vocal impact.

  1. Take a deep breath and shout out from 1 – 20.  Steadily increase your count to 25, 30 and so on.
  2. Speak from the diaphragm, position your fist on your sternum (the weakest voice comes from Nose) and feel the vibration.
  3. Maintain erect body posture when you speak.
  4. Practice speaking as many tongue twisters in a single breath.  Practice for 5 – 7 minutes a day.
  5. Complete every word you say; this will decimate Ahs and Ums.
  6. Go to online audio dictionary and listen to the correct pronunciation and practice.
  7. Use the power of PAUSEs.  Shut your mouth during pauses and after you deliver the message. 

If you practice the “7” tips for the next “21”  days you will notice a positive difference and your customers too.  Go make the difference.

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