Sale.3This morning we had a 10:00am meeting with the prospect to present our proposal.  The meeting started 20 minutes late since the conference room was occupied.   This gave us sometime to prepare and rehearse the sequence of our delivery.

No sooner the meeting started we delivered our part as rehearsed during those last lifeline  20 minutes and came out with big  “Colgate”  smile on our faces.   We reached the office and something prompted within me to revaluate our meeting from an audience perspective.  And I closed my eyes to visualize what had gone right for us.  Wait,  Wait….. am I covering up my weaknesses or the objective is to improve upon our performance.   I decided on the later and once again closed my eyes to see what had gone wrong and how we could have performed better?    Now this time I was sitting in the balcony and observing as a spectator the proceedings of the meeting and  sooner my perspective changed.  I realized that everything had gone wrong or there were so many areas that could have been improved and those improvements could have put us closer to the finish line.

This taught me one profound lesson……… If  we have to win the prospect head and heart than we must perform better than our prospects  in every sphere during the meetings and our discussions.

  • Be better communicator  and audible
  • Be better listener
  • Be be better informed
  • Co-ordinate better among ourselves
  • Be better equipped
  • Ask Better questions
  • Provide better answers
  • Be Better rehearsed
  • Reflect better etiquettes
  • And leave prospect with better mindset.

I opened my eyes  and remembered the words of  Ushers….. “Strivers achieve what dreamers believe”

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