When evangelizing Social Selling; many a time am asked how do you sell on LinkedIn? And my canned response is “YOU DON’T SELL ON LinkedIn ; YOU INFLUENCE DECISIONS ON LinkedIn.” And you might wonder how ?

Dr. Robert D. Cialdini in his best seller book “Influence – Psychology of Persuasion” identified six principles of influence and they are LIKE; RECIPROCITY; SCARCITY; AUTHORITY; SOCIAL PROOF AND COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY. And you can sit in the comfort of your home and trigger influence and shape customer decisions on LinkedIn. Let’s explore how you trigger Influence?

Influence is shaping others decisions. “WHEN YOU TRIGGER INFLUENCE YOU SHAPE OTHERS DECISIONS AND INCREASE YOUR PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS.” Let’s explore “LinkedIn ATTRIBUTES” that trigger influence.

  1. BACKGROUND IMAGE: This works towards building your BRAND.
  2. YOUR PHOTO : TRIGGERS “LIKE” INFLUENCE : Smart professional head shot.
  3. YOUR TITLE: TRIGGERS “AUTHORITY” INFLUENCE: Do you realize your title can trigger AUTHORITY influence. If your title is CEO you influence Manager Decisions. If your title is Sales Director you influence Sales executives. If you are a PhD in a subject, you influence Undergraduates in the subject. Your top level title, your educational qualifications and certifications, exercises influence of Authority on others. Hence ensure you flaunt them in your profile.
  4. SUMMARY & PROFILE: TRIGGERS AUTHORITY INFLUENCE: Your summary is your Digital reputation and online window to the digital world.
  5. EXPERIENCE: TRIGGERS AUTHORITY & SCARCITY INFLUENCE: Your experience triggers AUTHORITY & SCARCITY when its special, professional and unique.
  6. ENGAGEMENTS (LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT) : TRIGGERS LIKE AND RECIPROCITY INFLUENCE : Engage others post with Like, Share and comment. (Like = we think alike; Share = I trust you; Comment = here’s my opinion)
  7. COMMON CONNECTIONS, COMMON GROUPS: TRIGGERS LIKE INFLUENCE: You trigger LIKE principle in your connection, when you communicate what you share in common with your connection on LinkedIn such as a common Group, Education, and Employer, a common interest or primary skill. But for LIKE to trigger influence – you must communicate to your connection what is common between the two. And this can be done over Inmail or when commenting on posts.
  8. BIRTHDAY, JOB CHANGE, PROMOTION: TRIGGERS RECIPROCITY INFLUENCE: You trigger Reciprocity when you wish him on birthday, congratulate him on his job change, promotion or other achievements.
  9. YOUR POSTS: TRIGGERS AUTHORITY AND SOCIAL PROOF INFLUENCE: You trigger SOCIAL PROOF when your posts goes viral. Secondly when you periodically write relevant posts on a specific topic you influence others decisions by creating a perception of subject matter expert. And people like to buy from experts. So what subject are you blogging on?
  10. SKILLS ENDORSEMENTS & RECOMMENDATIONS: TRIGGERS SOCIAL PROOF & AUTHORITY INFLUENCE: When your connections endorse you or write recommendations, you trigger influence of Social Proof.
  11. ASK FOR ADVISE OR SMALL FAVORUS : TRIGGERS COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY INFLUENCE: Ask for small favours on LinkedIn such as a advise, Opinion, more information before you begin making the actual request. Once they have complied with a smaller request they are much more likely to comply with bigger request of equal nature.
  12. PROFILE CHANGE, EDITS: TRIGGERS LIKE INFLUENCE : When you maintain consistent visibility among your connections with relevant engagement, you trigger LIKE. Hence engage daily on LinkedIn because engagement creates visibility and visibility creates opportunity.