Many a time I am told  “My boss sent me a LinkedIn invite and I ignored it.”  Or “My boss is on LinkedIn that is the reason I don’t want to be active on LinkedIn.”   There is simply no logic to support your argument because benefits in connecting with your boss far outweigh the scale.

My argument to such rationalization is …

  1. When your boss sends you an invite
  • It’s an honour for you to connect and tell him so because Flattery works.
  • It’s an opportunity to connect with key people in your boss’s 1st degree connections.  Thus increasing your circle of influence.
  • Thank him and accept his invite.  This will open up gateway to request his RECOMMENDATIONS.
  1. This is your platform to showcase your skills and talents in areas that are beyond your professional career.  Such as
  • Volunteer services for the welfare of less privilege.
  • Your ongoing studies and courses undertaken to improve your skills and sharpen the saw.
  • Moderating LinkedIn Groups to showcase your leadership skills.
  1. Sit down with your boss to brain storm LinkedIn strategies to prospect and enhance customer engagements through creating Group. Thus projecting your image as a trusted advisor.

Remember when you accept your boss invite, you open up flood of opportunities to progress in your professional career.


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