“Better to ask Questions than to remain ignorant” ………Said a wise man Asking questions is an art that few comprehend when crafting a career. The Secret to success is Asking the right questions at the right time and in the right manner.  And you will discover answers that may have been evaded or overlooked during conversation and discussions.

Question unfolds knowledge and brings clarity between the two people or among the group engaged in discussions. The corporate world categorizes questions into various categories.

–        Open questions

–        Closed questions

–        Probing questions

–        Leading questions

–        Funneled questions

–        Rhetoric questions and

–        More………….

The art of asking questions can be learned and mastered.  And PROOF OF THE WORKING OF THIS CONCEPT can begin by asking YOURSELF questions. Asking yourself great questions and demanding great answers introduces quality and value in your RELATIONSHIPS. One evening while pondering on the subject, I started creating a list of great questions to ask myself.  The list was difficult to create but once I put my focus, the list expanded into two A4 size sheets. The next evening I sat down to edit it to 4 questions?  And here is my list of questions.

1. What should I Start doing that will maximize my potential?

2. What is the best Use of my time Now?

3. What should I Continue doing to maximize my Potential?

4. What should I Stop doing? What has the least impact or reduces my Potential ?

Acronym “SUCS” – Start; Use; Continue and Stop is a powerful tool that can be applied in your Professional, Social, Family and Personal relationships.   I continue asking these questions and discovering great answers.  You too can craft your questions and discover quality and value in your relationships.