Confidence is your belief in yourself and nurturing it is a continuous process. Another important thing I would like to share is that lack of confidence is the biggest impediment in our growth be it school, University or work life.   So it make Life sense to develop and nurture your self-confidence.  I am  sharing “18”  tips to nurture your self-confidence, chose one activity a day and perform it to craft your  “BURJ KHALIFA” in CONFIDENCE

  1. Smile and smile 200% more during the day
  2. Take up front row chair during a seminar
  3. Walk and sit straight – no slouching for the next 10 hours.
  4. Exercise your abdomen muscles for an hour today
  5. Introduce yourself  to 10 strangers during the day
  6. Befriend the most intimidating person you always feared.
  7. Go help out 10 people around. It could be helping someone with their grocery bags, opening the door, extending meaningful advice, be creative.
  8. Take a different route to your work and back home. Dress different, eat different, socialize different and do everything different during the day.
  9. Go deliver a 5 minute speech in your office get together.
  10. Fake it till you make it – Think, Act and Speak confident. Your beliefs are your STRENGTH.  Your beliefs are your Weakness. The dichotomy is the choice of your beliefs
  11. Practice eye contact: Increase the duration of your eye contact when talking to others and be the last to break the eye contact.
  12. Compliment 5 people at your work and then go on to compliment 5 more.
  13. Practice delivering 5 jokes among your colleagues
  14. Call up your “3” of your neighborhood supermarket and tell them how happy you are with their services.
  15. Don’t respond to questions or statements but ask question.
  16. Visit your neighborhood social organization and volunteer for free work.
  17. Organize a get together for 10 of your acquaintances and get to know them better.
  18.  Ask for a “5” favours or request for help from “5”  different people but not your family members.

Enjoy reading and practicing the tips.