2013 is going down and 2014 is on the horizon.  Hence it’s time to examine what did I learn and  what do I expect from 2014.   Having said that 2013 was a year of learning and I believe year 2014 would be an year of consolidation.

During the 2013 passage I learnt to accept risks and failures.   Four deep and powerful messages I learnt  were

  1. Every human engagement is an exchange.  The challenge is to understand what is being given and what is being received.   For example I met a person who thought she had nothing to offer – but on the flip side I learnt and enjoyed her storytelling, her slangs and her appetite for learning and good eating.
  2. 2nd most powerful message I learnt was that every day, yes daily I must add value to myself.  And when you begin adding value you begin garnering respect from the people around.  There is no powerful activity in the world but to gain structured and planned knowledge.
  3. 3rd powerful message I would like to share is – share your learning, the more you share more in-depth you understand the lesson.   2013 I shared my learning of Twitter, LinkedIn,  Big Data and in the process learnt what I would have taken a life time to learn..
  4. 4th powerful learning “Always Give your best” – go the extra mile to give your best – to others and yourself.  This is important and continue raising your bar – what is your best?

Having said that in this post I will share activities that make me HAPPY and may be you will benefit from modelling them.   Share it; apply it and be HAPPY.

  1. Practice Smiling for 10 minutes after your get up in the morning
  2. Practice silent Laughter for 2 -3 minutes when you are driving.
  3. Practice Meditation for 20 minutes just before your lunch time.
  4. Every evening count and write your lessons for the day.
  5. Shake your body, bend arch and develop elasticity in your body.
  6. Begin visiting museums and forms of learning.
  7. Deliver on your commitments always.
  8. Look for the 5 best things in others.
  9. Perform conscious act of helping others.
  10. Watch baby laughter clips – Download from YouTube.
  11. Read an uplifting book once every month.
  12. Listen to an inspiring music or a song.
  13. Attempt what you have never attempted before.
  14. Introduce yourself to 5 Strangers preferably of opposite gender  every week.
  15. Learn digital tools and automate your digital engagements. 
  16. Daily allocate 30 minutes of your time to think about your family, hobby, job, Goals and Health.
  17. Gift books to others.

 2014 what’s in store for you?  You can PLAN, DECIDE and CONQUER