Guerrilla Table Topics

  This week I was attending a Toastmasters club meeting.  And guess what?  Holidays, Ramdhan and host of other reasons; the participation was down to 6 Toastmasters.  What should we do? Chat, exchange pleasantries and quit.   Somehow decision was taken to attempt Table Topics and format would be as such Every members will attempt Table […]

How can you get your best out?

  Whenever I ask what will enhance your performance?  Among many answers I get is “Practice, Practice and Practice.”   Having said that some time you participate in a club meeting and you are hit by a bolt of lightning and “wow”  why did I not think of that? Well my answer to the above question […]

Simple yet Effective tips to Create Energy in Club meetings

Last week I participated in Oasis Achievers Toastmasters Club meeting.  The meeting started @ 8:00pm and the hall was full.  President delivered the message and TMOD took over the mantle. But there was something different in the ambience, audience were fired up.  What was happening?  How come a Toastmasters Club is over flowing with participants […]

Then and Now

  In the past 10 days have visited few Toastmasters clubs which led me to rewind a decade earlier and explore what has changed over the decade.  And I observed ……… There were fewer clubs but more participation.  There was less awareness but more enthusiasm.  There was no Facebook page but serious communication.  There were […]

Learning the ropes of Chief Judge

Yesterday I was at Area contest – 57 with the most simplistic role play of Chief Judge.  Simple off course that’s what I believe; until I found a detour. I believe every role play is simple and straight forward until you find a detour.   Because in times like these is the test of your capacity […]

Why would a Guest join your Club ?

Sharjah Cornish in UAE is one of the best places to take a morning stroll, not because it’s Cornish.  But simply because it has a walking strip and the greener patches around.  You can walk to your heart contentment and if you ever get tired you can rest on the greener patches or on the […]

Tips for impactful Club meetings

Last week had been a whirlwind of visiting various Toastmasters club meetings and would like to share few tips that I believe would enhance the performance of participants and experience of audience across the Toastmasters club. Create a mentor pool within Excom that should provide VERBAL feedback to TMOD. Create  a 30 minutes early time […]

Lagoon TM Club Meeting with difference

This evening I attended Lagoon Toastmasters Club meet at Ryan Hotel – Sharjah. I reached early since I was aware of their best practice of conducting Table Topics session half an hour before the actual start of the meeting time.  The popularity and success of early Table Topics session is reflected in the proof that […]

Secrets to Influence your Guests

March 4, 2012: Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization engaged in developing public speaking and leadership skills amongst its members.  The organization is for the members, by the members and of the members.  And one of the objective of the program is to spread the benefit by inducting new  members. Every club has the mandate […]

“8” Tips to double your impact in Toastmasters

Past International President Helen Blanchard once said “If you get out of Toastmasters all that there is to get out of Toastmasters, you will never get out of the Toastmasters” Toastmasters’ program is a brilliant program that has benefited millions of members across the globe.  It’s tailored to your lifestyle; progress as you want to […]