“8” Tips to double your impact in Toastmasters

Past International President Helen Blanchard once said “If you get out of Toastmasters all that there is to get out of Toastmasters, you will never get out of the Toastmasters” Toastmasters’ program is a brilliant program that has benefited millions of members across the globe.  It’s tailored to your lifestyle; progress as you want to […]

How to get a house full in your Club ?

  Running a full house in Toastmasters Club has become challenge but with right strategy and best practices you can run a successful Toastmasters club creating value and experience for the members.  I am sharing “5” tips on getting the house full at Toastmasters club. Maintain records: Maintain records for the members to review at […]

“9” Amazing Contestants: Sharjah Toastmasters Club

Sharjah Toastmasters Humorous speech club contest was held on Dec. 21, 2011.  The contest reflected energy ,passion and the desire to stretch and strut. The participation in the humours contest was 100% more than the standard club meetings.  Why ? I cannot comprehend the reason, still looking for the motivation. There were 9 humorous contestants […]

Unity in Diversity

    There is so much happening in Toastmasters activities in UAE that sometime you feel overwhelmed .  I believe around 80 clubs spread out in seven Emirates; every day there is an event and every event is unique.  If you become the member of Toastmasters fraternity in UAE;  you immediately connect with around 2000 toastmasters members in UAE. Enjoy watching photos from various clubs a Unity in diversity.

Guide to increase your Toastmasters club membership

After we set up the new Information Technology Company, it was easier to convert prospective leads to business but the biggest hurdle was to find new prospective leads FIRST.  Hence to address the gap we defined our Marketing and Sales strategy.  We Hired a tele-marketing who would call the industry and deliver the scripted massage. […]

“Mr and Ms United Nations” – Digerati Toastmasters Club meeting # 17 –...

    This meeting was in disguise. I said disguise because the theme was “Mr and Ms United Nations” and the participants represented and dressed in “15” different nationalities including India. A pleasant meeting with a twist of interest and passion of the members to make it a colorful success meeting. Watch the “Mr and […]

Tall Tale Education treat by CK Chendil and VP Menon

I firmly believe that Happiness is a state of mind. What it translates into is that you can be happy when you want it, where you want it and if you want it. You do not need an external stimuli to be happy, you need an internal stimuli to be happy now and forever. But […]

DTM club

  Digerati Toastmasters Club,  a “DTM”  club held its 15th meeting at Traders Hotel on Friday 23rd of September 2011.  The theme of the day was          “The Art of Saying NO” What did the 15th meeting reflect? Strong, passionate participation by the members. Brilliant pre and during meeting performance by the TMOD  “4” project speakers. Creative […]

Secrets of ATM club members

  The meeting was held on Sept. 17, 2011 and was one of the finest meeting of ATM club that I have participated. Watch TMOD of the day and the members share there secrets in the round robin session

Tall Tale contest @ Petrofac Taostmasters

Petrofac Toastmasters meeting – 11 meeting on Sept. 14, 2011 was a normal format meeting followed by Tall Tale contest.  What five  points I observe among many other things ? A Full house. Enthusiastic participation. Willing participation for the Table Topics session. Quality speeches and QUALITY Tall Tale speeches. A young club going great. Enjoy […]