My 4 Secrets To Happiness

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be”  said  Abraham Lincoln.    I have experienced few strategies that work like the magic to paint happiness and am sharing four of them. 1)      PLAY BACK: Go back  5 years in the past and find happy moments.  Play them and replay them.  Then […]

Why Internet is a Universe of Opportunities

Internet has created level playing field.   Anyone can go online and take up free education.      In the past few weeks I have been browsing through the net and I picked up few powerful lessons that I would like to share FEEL STUCK AND BORED: List down a new person you can meet, a new place […]

What did I learn?

Life is benevolent because it provides Free Lessons. If you sit down and reminiscence you will realize that every day is a Free class. Now let me reminiscences what did I learn in the past few weeks. However I would avoid names and stories lest it may upset people who inadvertently made me wiser. LAW […]

Power of Reminder

  “The experience adds to sticky factor is a really good post. I just read it. Just a note, it’s not off course it’s of course. And it should be meetings and meets instead of simply meet and meetings :D” .. ……Wrote Alisha Mehra. This was the email I received from my daughter who is […]

Lessons from Herd

[youtube] In this remarkable video herd of buffalos attack carnivorous Lions.  And they managed to save the buffalo through three different tactics HERD MENTALITY : Making themselves bigger and stronger. HEAD...

Experience makes you more attractive.

  Last week I was expected to meet a friend in Dubai but was feeling a bit lazy because it would have taken me an hour to drive through traffic and an hour to drive back. Friend called up to reconfirm the meet and I promptly agreed when he said that he has just returned […]

How to “Get back your OPTIMISM”

  As we grow up the demands on our time and resources shoots an upward trajectory. The demand plants stress and depression in our fertile mind. How can you insulate yourselves from perceived stress and depression? Simply follow Rule of Three …. 1. 30 MINUTES: Get up early and take a “TALL WALK” walk in […]

Your Traffic signals and Road signs ?

Dubai is building more roads, more bridges/tunnels, more Salik but still not able to cope with traffic problems.   Imagine the sight of Dubai roads if Dubai did not have traffic signals, bridges/tunnels & road signs.   Well our mind is somewhat similar with over 60,000 thoughts running in a day.  And most of the time multiple […]

Should I Accept or Reject LinkedIn Invite?

  One question always pops up whenever I am conducting LinkedIn workshops. Who should I send invite and it leaps frog farther – what invite I should not accept?   Professionals have different...

13 TIPS FOR meaningful IMPACT

   Success is partly due to your presence and largely due to what people perceive about you.  Hence it’s imperative that you communicate the most impactful impression on people and am sharing...