Professional Networking

Professional Networking

My JITO Experience

Last Monday I was expected to deliver a keynote on “Finding Success in Social Media”  at JITO – Dubai Chapter  ( I was excited and my excitement was reflected in my preparation when I reached the venue.  I had left my Notebook computer at home.  Lesson # 1; when on an important assignment prepare […]

Why did Steve Jobs squat on the floor ?

Why did Steve Jobs Squat on the floor and folded his hands ? How did “David beat Goliath” ..Malcolm Gladwell What if you could read your women’s mind and tell her exactly what she wanted to hear at the exact time ? Why Math is more important than …………? “What” is more important than “Why” […]

Leadership is Discipline

Leadership is no art but a combination of disciplined activities.  And the list is not exhaustive but carefully crafted set of skills that can be developed and successfully applied. Develop a scintillating vocabulary:  This is not about developing an exhaustive list but few carefully chosen uplifting words that can be utilized when communicating with your […]

Colour your Impression

  I have a teenage daughter and whenever I talk to her my tone turns soft as if I am still talking to a little 5 years old girl. On the 10th anniversary of my friend’s wedding, a guest asked how did you two meet?    The wife responded it was love at first sight. After […]

Make your connections work ?

You might have heard an old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This has endured for ages and holds more true in the present context but its important to remember that  “It’s not only who you know, it’s also who knows you!”  And am reminded of a very convincing joke wherein Jack, a […]

Did you kill the conversation ?

You enter a room full of acquaintances and simply break into the conversation and kill it.  Explore if you are making any of the following mistakes –      Constantly interrupting others to speak. –      Speaking about yourself; limelight hogging. –      Mumbling not opening mouth to deliver message. –      Low feeble voice reflecting weakness. –      Shouting to […]

I don’t have a choice ?

    Tough times requires tough decisions and tough decisions does not reflect making hard choices but making right choices.  Many a time we don’t have choices and many a time we don’t prepare ourselves for choices like what if Choice “A” Fails; technically you still have  “25” other choices  (B – Z) .  But […]

Little Secrets To Big Success

Secrets are SECRETS, simply because they are not shared.  So what are the secrets in this post ?  The two secrets I am revealing will no more be a secret but a powerful resource available to you; ONLY if you consciously start using them.  They are “increase frequency of making Decision” &  “Zorro Circle” ( source: The […]

answer lies in your questions

I was a bit melancholic this morning.  Last week my mind was occupied with a pressing problem and it kept me in a deep pensive mood.  Stop !  the solution is within you.  Mankind has developed language and along with it developed 6 brilliant tools.  They are Why, What; Which; When; Where  and How ? […]

90 resolutions to Recreate Yourself in 2012

New Year is like being reborn, new resolutions, new business plan and new enthusiasm. RECREATE YOURSELF in 2012. Self development: Self development: Self development: Self development: 1. Reduce four Kg of excess weight – 1 kg a quarter 2. Slim down your waist by 2 inches – 0.5 inches a quarter 3. Join a  Yoga […]