Cloud Computing is beginning to cloud our judgment.  Topic is overshadowing discussions at every forum, seminar and public gathering in the information technology domain.

But if you take a helicopter view,  you will realize that it’s an old wine in a new bottle; tastes familiar, looks familiar and smells familiar; then why such euphoria?  Every progressive government has cloud services disguised as e-services; every progressive bank has cloud services disguised as Internet banking, every progressive Airline has cloud services disguised as a reservation system; and numerous progressive businesses use cloud model cleverly disguised as web sites.

Having said that let me share my definition of Cloud services.  Cloud service is the provision of services over the Internet anywhere and anytime by making use of an internet connection and a simple PC; handheld or endpoint device.  The 2nd parameter for cloud computing is, a user can use it, scale it either way or discard it anytime on an Opex model.  If we are on agreement with the definition then I must reiterate that every government entity has a gigantic trust and investment dedicated to Cloud Computing through providing access to the general public to connect with government services.  And I would go a step further to reiterate that “without Cloud computing government entities would be left in the Stone Age.”

Being a resident of United Arab Emirates; when I look around; every Dubai government department is providing public and business service through a PRIVATE CLOUD such as the Dubai Economic Department providing business registration and renewal services; Immigration offices providing visa services; Custom departments providing business services for Export/import and so on.

Hence Cloud Computing is a proven business model; the euphoria is what services to port on to the Cloud and how best to benefit from the Cloud Computing and Not why or what is Cloud computing?