Lever _1Archimedes  once remarked “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand – I will move the earth.”   Cold calling is inefficient because it does not leverage your Knowledge, Connections and Reputation.  Cold calling gets you a sale but limits your income. 

In B2B sales scenario Cold Calling paints a poor picture. When you Cold Call a C-Level Executive; you intrude on his time, project a NEGATIVE picture of yourself and your organization.  Cold Calling is the Red Ocean of Selling – Jump over to Blue Ocean of Selling – Warm Calling.

There are SIX pillars; use them to convert your Cold Calls into Warm call.  They are more Effective, Efficient and Enriching.

  • ONLINE NEWSLETTER: This is about building your online foot print by purchasing your name (URL) for Blogging.  Convert your Blogging into an online Newsletter for industry topics helping customer make informed decisions.
  • SOCIAL SELLING: Integrate your Blog with Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter), Engaging your audience with Insight. There are only so many coffees that you can have in a day but Social Media gives you critical mass and reach.
  • KEYNOTES AND COLUMNS: Build opportunities to deliver keynotes or columns in Local media thus building your expert status. Leverage your expert status to close more business.
  • PARTNERSHIP: Build Joint venture partnership with other businesses wherein your product and services can be bundled and marketed to partner customer database. Hence leveraging partner’s customers base.
  • PROFESSIONAL FORUMS:  Take up membership for BNI, Rotary Club, Rotract, Toastmasters club. Dubai Quality Group etc.  Objective is to identify right professional forum where your prospects go. Network where they feel at home.
  • NETWORKING: Networking is to identify right place to connect with potential customers. Networking can happen at many places, forums, Exhibition and Seminars.  Identify appropriate market places and visit to Network;  such as
    1. Meetup Forums
    2. DWTC – Exhibition and Seminars
    3. Vendor Exhibition, Seminar
    4. Industry Forums such as HR Forum, Supply Chain Form, Ecommerce, Retail

Cold Calls will give you results but Call to Closure ratios is inordinately low. Hence if your business demands Cold Call, hire low cost resources – (interns or people looking for extra income working from home) to do the job of Cold Calling.

Objective of above SIX pillars is to convert cold calls to warm calls.  Because people like to do business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.


Audio Recording : Cold Calling Limits Your Income