Connect With Me if you Can

Connect With Me if you Can


Perhaps  inspired by the best seller “NEVER EAT ALONE” ; founders of  created a mobile app algorithm for lunch meet using LinkedIn.  This morning I met founder of  who created a mobile app algorithm for social meets during your free time using Facebook.  And it has  already acquired 10,000 users.  Mobile apps to arrange meetups are proliferating and developes are minting millions.

Popularity of mobile apps to arrange meetup is a message that we are social creature and its our innate desire to connect and when connecting is as  easy as swiping your smartphone keypad – why not?   On the flip side what stops people to DIRECTLY leverage LinkedIn Your PROFESSIONAL ROLODEX, Facebook – Your PERSONAL ROLODEX or Twitter – your PUBLIC ROLODEX  to connect and extend that connect to a meaningful dialogue. Probably what stops people to connect direct is the fear of REJECTION whereas mobile apps automate those process without fear of rejection.

Porter Gale in her best seller Book “YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTHreiterates the power of your network.   Popularity of ; BNI; ; forums like Rotracts andToastmasters is a testimonials that there is power in the network or like-minded people coming together.

In this post I am   sharing three lessons learned from Successful LinkedIn-ers and they are

  1. STUDY: Weekly study four (successful/Senior/Powerful/Title) powerful connections profiles.
  2. MEET: Every week call/email/text message  4 studied profiles one after the next and stop when you have the first meet arranged. Your objective is to convert the meet opportunity  into a friend, adviser, coach, mentor, mentee or partner.
  3. LESSON: If your request is rejected, you don’t lose anything but if the efforts succeed you have made one strong connect and that may turn out to be a GAME CHANGER of your professional career.
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