Last Monday I was enjoying coffee with my friend when he said

“ I am partnering with XYZ L.L.C ( Dubai – United Arab Emirates) and setting up a business. And Vinod, since you continue harping about social selling; tell me how can Social Selling help?”

I was taken aback by his bold request but not to give in. I asked few questions

  1. Do you have a website? And he said yes under construction.
  2. Do you have a LinkedIn Profile? And he said yes.
  3. And what is your target industry? He Said Retail and Hospitality.
  4. Who is the target title in your industry? He said Marketing and Finance
  5. Is your product B2B or B2C? He said B2B.
  6. What is the size of organization you would target? He said with employee strength of around 200 and more.

And then we moved on to his computer system. I asked him to Log into LinkedIn and subscribe for 30 days Free Trail of Sales Navigator. (Sales Navigator provides access to connections outside your network)   Now we quickly built the prospect list using Sales Navigator Lead builder. And the result is here ..

  1. There are around 2,776,325 LinkedIn members in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. There are 72,316 members in the Retail industry however around 7,006 are employed in the Retail organization with more than 200 employees. We saved the list of 7,006 members for later use.
  3. There are 110,770 members in the Hospitality industry in UAE and around 41,446 are employed in Hospitality with over 200 plus employees. We saved the list of 41,446 for later use.
  4. Title CFO, Finance Manager, Finance Controller and Finance Manager ( In 200 plus Employees organizations): There are 536 members in Hospitality Industry. And around 218 in the Retail industry. We stored the two lists for prospecting.
  5. Title Marketing Director, Marketing Manager and Sales & Marketing Manager ( In 200 plus employees organization): There are 235 members in the Hospitality industry. And around 127 in the Retail industry. We stored the list for prospecting.

We were able to achieve all the above in just 10 minutes and selectively assigned the list of

  1. 100 (CFO, FM and FC) and 100 (Marketing Director, Marketing Manager and Sales marketing manager) as LEADS in Sales Navigator.
  2. We also stored 50 Retail and 50 Hospitality companies as Accounts in Sales Navigator.
  3. Sales Navigator allows you to store prospective companies as “ACCOUNTS” and prospects as “LEADS” in Sales Navigator.
  4. Hence whenever an event is triggered by any of the 100 + 100 – leads and 100 accounts in Sales Navigator, the system alerts us and also provides a response suggestions. Such as ( the three statements below generated by Sales navigator are reference to content engagements)

·        “Create a connection by letting Mahmoud know that you read this”

·        “This is a great icebreaker with your leads at XYZ Technologies

·        “Here are some things to talk about with your leads at ABC”

The alert becomes our intent data for action.  I asked my friend “Does this help?”  He said YES very much.