Everyone has the right to speak but you have to earn the right to be heard……..said a wise man.

The moment a sales professional initiates contact with his prospect, the prospect starts evaluating;  Is he the MOST CREDIBLE person for my business ?

And in my perspective there are various areas you can climb the  CREDIBILITY  LADDER and the more areas you are present, better is the probability of you securing your customers business.

  1. ASSOCIATION: What business card you hold; do you represent a global brand?
  2. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: How well you communicate your proposal.  Is it clear, succinct. Would you buy your pitch?
  3. CONNECTION: How connected you are with your customer? Do you know who are your customer’s customers ? Would his customers recommend you?
  4. DESIGNATION: What is your designation ?  Does it reflect knowledge, maturity and power ?
  5. EDUCATION: How academically qualified are you?  Are you a graduate, post graduate,  a Doctorate  or with a  specialized certification?
  6. KNOWLEDGE: Do you talk customers language ? How well you know his business ?
  7. MATURITY: Do you reflect maturity in presenting your solution that is reflected when you  understand your customer’s pain.
  8. PRESENTATION SKILLS: How is your overall presentation ………People, Personal and Product?
  9. PARTICIPATION: How often you participate in business or professional forum connected & important to your customer’s business ?

10.  RELATIONSHIP: How is your relationship with your customer and people in the customers buying cycle ?

Take a decision……….Do you have right to be heard ?

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