BL11Physicians say that first hour is extremely important after the heart attack.  It determines if the patient will

      1. Survive
      2. Lose
      3. Suffer Damage

Same is true for your first visit to the prospect.  Research says that it takes less than a minute to make an impression and upper limit is 4 minutes.  Research also says that it takes 12 visits before a bad impression can be changed or better still repeated good referrals by third party can help in changing the bad impression. 

Research also says that 90% of your customer engagement is non-verbal hence key elements that play in creating the first impressions are

  • Your smile
  • Eye contact : Blink Less
  • Handshake : Inititate a vertical/neutral handshake; never initiate palms down handshake with your prospect.
  • Body gestures i.e  arms and legs movements and touch.  Slight touch or brush increases your chances of geting sales by 3 times.
  • Body posture when sitting and standing


Let me share TWO  (Siting Pretty & Meeting and Seating) exciting YouTube videos that reflects a study in BODY LANGUAGE.   Enjoy watching


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