ExpertDr. Robert B Ciladini Guru and author of “The Psychology of PersuasionSays that people will obey authority figures, even if they are asked to perform objectionable acts.  People blindfold trust authority and once you achieve authority status you are perceived as an expert.  So what are the sign posts that will get you an EXPERT tag?  I will share SIX fundamental tricks to achieve the EXPERT tag line.

  1. POSITION:  Your position in your professional career gives you the expert status.  Physicians are considered experts in treating people; bankers are considered an expert to advice on your finances.
  2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES:  Malcolm Gladwell in his best seller “Outliers”  says that it takes around 10,0000 hours of serious subject study before you can get the global recognition.  This route is time consuming but simple to duplicate; just clock 10,000 hours and your time invested speaks for itself.   If you are in selling profession you could be the sales expert, if you are a chess player you could be the chess expert.
  3. READ “10” BOOKS: If you have not clocked 10,000 hours than take a detour.  Read 10 best seller books on the subject and begin sharing the learning.  And sooner you are assigned an expert status on the subject. 
  4. RESEARCH: Be the Gartner; IDC and Forrester of your life success.  List down 25 successful people in your field and interview them; (larger the list higher the perceived value of your status and study.)   Share their experience with your audience.
  5. STAGING AN EXPERIENCE: You have not clocked 10,000 hours neither you have read 10 best seller books on the subject.  What is the way forward?  Stage a snap shot experience.  You want to be the expert on mountaineering – go on Himalayan expedition; you want to be an expert on human relations, spend your next 30 days living with blue collar workers.  And then absorb the learning from the short experience and share with other. Remember nothing can replace the experience
  6. FIND YOUR HORSE In his book Positioning: the battle for Mind” authored by Al Reis and Jack Trout says that the winning jockey is not necessarily the lightest, the smartest or the strongest.  The best jockey does not win the race.  The jockey that wins the race is usually the one with the best horse.  Similarly business and selling is a social activity; pick your horse to ride and then ride it for all its worth to be a subject matter expert.

 Good luck and begin your journey of Expert.