SSelling-1I joined Toastmasters in 2001 @ Dubai Toastmasters Club.  I was impressed with educational manual that has shaped many careers.  And am still impressed with the Communication and Leadership educational course content that has virtually remained unchanged.

During the period new waves have come and communication paradigm has changed such as 2004:  LinkedIn was launched,  2003:  Facebook was founded; 2004:  Twitter was found; 2005:  YouTube was founded; Google + and list is endless.

Nothing much changed in  Toastmasters Educational manuals, it  stood the test of time.  But I believe changing technology and shrinking world, demands introduction of new technology and new paradigm of conducting meetings.  Such changes would bring in the spirit of entrepreneurship and attract Millennials to the program.   If  I may say Toastmasters should introduce new educational manuals with 5 project speech to address the Digital world.

PROJECT # 1 : YouTube: The project objective would be

  • To record and edit 20 minutes of an educational session conducted in the club meeting.
  • Use necessary tools to edit and publish on YouTube
  • Use camera facing techniques
  • Current Smartphones are equipped with powerful camera and editing software to make the movie. Such as movie “Tangerine” was shot on iPhone 5S and done professionally.

PROJECT # 2: Hangout, WebEx, Skype: The project objective would be

  • Conduct a webinar for 20 minutes for the club members
  • Use the right technology (Hangout, WebEx, Skype) & techniques to invite and broadcast the webinar
  • Invite general public and other Toastmasters
  • Learn the proper webinar techniques

PROJECT # 3: Sound Cloud: the Project objective would be

  1. Record 7 minutes speech and make it available as a podcast
  2. Learn and use the current technologies for Podcast
  3. Learn to use the microphone for voice modulation.
  4. Play the Podcast in the club meeting and evaluate.

PROJECT # 4: WordPress; Tumblr; Blogspot: The Project Objective would be

  • Learn to Blog
  • Share  techniques and Experiences to write a Blog post.

PROJECT # 5: Upstream: The Project objective would be

  1. Live Stream the meeting proceeding to the external world
  2. Use Proper audio and video Techniques.

Above necessitates use of technology and address the Digital economy. The above project will also help people monetize their toastmasters skills from anywhere around the globe. And that could be the next manual – “Monetizing Toastmasters Skills