The World Economic Forum says “Over 5 million jobs will be lost to automation by 2020. The WEF claims white-collar workers — administrative and office jobs — are at the highest risk of being replaced.”

Having said that there are few important skills that would continue to be in demand.   On the flip side Nothing is constant but the CHANGE until self-improving and self-learning robots are perfected.  

In this blog post I am sharing SEVEN BUSINESS SKILLS; or WHEELS that will continue to ROLL in the next 7 – 10 years.  Learn them to sharpen your Digital profile.

  1. PLANNING: This wheel has TWO spokes ie. Goal setting (Short Term – 1, 3, 5 years & Long Term – 10, 15, 20 years) and defining the road map to reach your goals.  Bill Gates goal was to have a computer in every house and he achieved that by creating operating systems for IBM PCs.  He realized that instead of charging a lumpsum amount for DOS if he charges a fractional amount per unit basis, he can retain control of the product and promote it to business outside of IBM circle of influence.
  2. ORGANIZATION: This wheel has THREE  Attracting the right talent; Inspiring them to work for  a goal and Create future i.e personnel growth.  This WHEEL builds great organizations.  Fortune 100 companies such as  Google, Apple, Microsoft and Cisco attract talent,  give them the right ambience to work and in the process of journey craft employees future.  Google had concept of 20% time wherein employee could spend 20% of his time on ideas he felt important.  This concept realized many new products now part of Google portfolio.
  3. CREATIVITY: This wheel has  TWO  It’s about ideas to resolve customer pain points and disrupting current product, services or an idea.  Famous startups like Uber, AirBNB, Alibaba disrupted existing industries by creating new platforms such as Uber disrupted transportation, AirBNB disrupted Hospitality industry and Netflix disrupted Media industry.
  4. CUSTOMER ACQUISITION: This wheel has THREE Skills for Market segmentation to target right audience/customers, Attracting them and Influencing them to be your paid customers.  Hubspot a digital marketing company freely distributes valuable content to help organization in sales and marketing. Thus influencing purchasing behaviors of target audience.
  5. CUSTOMER RETENTION: This wheel has TWO Influencing customer for repeat business and helping them to become your best sales team i.e giving you recommendation, testimonials and referrals.  Amazon ecommerce site is an ideal study in customer retention and referrals
  6. SCALE UP: This wheel has THREE Skills to scale your business geographically, Scale up Infrastructure (facility/manpower/product) and Scale up revenue.  Uber has expanded to over 26 countries since its June 2010 initial launch in San Francisco, CA;  Zomato an Online restaurant guide and food ordering firm Founded in 2008, plans to have presence in 40 countries by 2016
  7. RE-INVENT: This wheel has TWO  Skills to reinvent your business by tracking Trends and Competition.  Apple reinvented itself; Cisco listened to the customers and transformed itself into a digital company offering cloud products and services.


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