My Customers are not on LinkedIn:  This statement reminds me of a story wherein a corporate sent two salesmen to a remote island to sell shoes.  1st sales man messaged back there is no market for shoes because no one wears shoes.  The 2nd salesman messaged back HURRAY there is a huge market – no one has shoes.  Hence if you want to be your customer number # 1  choice then ……….

  1. EDUCATE THEM ON WHY THEY SHOULD JOIN LINKEDIN: LinkedIn is the global # 1 Professional networking platform with over 440 Million professionals. And 82% of the population can be reached by Internet from the comfort of your home.
    1. B2B social buyers have a higher level of company influence than purchasers who do not use social media
    2. B2B buyers who use social media spend 81% more per deal than buyers who don’t use social media.
    3. B2B buyers who use social media make 61% more purchase than no social Media buyers
    4. VP who has been on Social Networks has been promoted faster.
  3. MY CUSTOMERS DON’T LOG INTO LINKEDIN: They may be logging in but not engaging with you or your content.   Hence to trigger conversation share with them the content that appeals to them.
  4. HOW DO I GET MY PROSPECTS ATTENTION: Publish meaningful content at times when your prospect is most likely to be logged-in? Secondly engage with their content.  Thirdly congratulate them on promotions and Birthdays and be visible.
  5. HOW DO I CONNECT WITH MY PROSPECTS AT A SENIOR TITLE: Content is the currency of future –  1st join a common Group & publish meaningful content.  Secondly research their profile and find meaningful levers to engage their attention or influence them with commonality shared between you two, thirdly ask for introduction to senior title prospects and then offer value. Fourthly Endorse and/or write recommendations to your prospects
  6. HOW TO ENGAGE YOUR PROSPECTS IN MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION: Listen to provide help, guidance or referral/introduction. Make meaningful Comment on your prospects post which encourages dialogue.
  7. MAXIMIZE YOUR INTERNAL CONNECTION: Connect with your colleagues to leverage 2nd degree connections. Members who have maximum internal connections close 32% more business.