Everyone lives by selling something… said Robert Louis Stevenson.  I would say everyone lives by selling and few understand the profession.  And when you understand selling; it becomes a craft. Today I will like to share TWO tips that I have picked up during my last 30 days of engagement.


LEVERAGE:  Last week we were in discussions with a customer and he expressed his requirements for .Net and Java resource expertise.  We went Helter Skelter to find the right CV’s and propose them the commercials.  In the meantime the account manager said I am sure other people in client industry would need similar resources and he got in touch with them and leveraged the work done to create two more leads.  Message: Leverage your efforts to achieve more with less.

COMPARE AND/OR ANALOGY:  There is tremendous information load hence our attention span has shortened.  And if you do not have eye balls or attention of your prospects;  you have wasted your time and lost the customer to your competitor. There are various rules to catch prospects attention including one described by Heath Brothers in their best-selling book “Made to Stick”;  the SUCCES principal.  But other than the SUCCES principal there is one more i.e

  • Whenever you are talking to your customer convey the message with an analogy that is already in his mind such as “Loyalty has diminished in the Y generation and they are living a Fast food life”  analogy
  • Our  Skates board are the Volvo of automobile industry.
  • Coffee xx will strike you like the early morning sun rays.

Don’t worry and be happy selling.