Last evening I met a dear friend working for an IT company and our discussions focused on gross profit earnings by his sales team. And I said, your team makes a good gross profit, how do they achieve that?   And he said “focus on managed services.”

Then the discussions centered around the key ingredients for success of managed services.  The answer was a good team. And how do you build a good team?  Other than the right professional skills and experience; what else do you look for in the team members and the answer came, the most important ingredient is respect for team members, empathy for the team member. The team members should understand not to be rude to the fellow member. And it is imperative that if you find a team aspirant to be rude throw him out of the team even at the risk of losing a good skill, because you don’t risk a team for an individual bad influence.

Another discussion point was how to retain a good skill other than through benefits and compensation. The answer came as; engage the skill with the right and complement skilled team members so he feels part of a family, a knowledgeable family.

Thank you friend, for the wise words.