Last week I overheard a conversation wherein a lady remarked to her colleague “I am told by my ex-boss that our industry has an unhealthy reputation for ladies.”   The following day during a conversation with a lady friend, she received a call on her cell phone.  Following the call she was upset and agitated.  I enquired what happened?  She remarked I told this customer that I am not interested and he says that he is in the vicinity and would like to take me out for lunch.  How do I handle such situations ?

UAE has a wide diversity of culture wherein every culture has their own values.  Hence no one solution fits all.   Having said that I believe a beginning has to be made.  And the best possible solution is to work on things under your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE to put a FENCE around such harassment.  And draw out your REJECTION list.

  1. Communication you will reject
  2. Gifts you will reject and
  3. Invitations you will reject

 And finally make this rejection list LOUD and EMPHATIC  and I mean LOUD and EMPHATIC so that it is received by the recipient and recipient is not only the THIRD PARTY but your INTELLECT and EMOTION.